Friday, November 23, 2007

Patio Garden

This was taken 3 years ago for the Taschen book, "Living in Mexico". Now the bouganvilla spills of the ruin and over the ponds. The wall on the right is covered with passion fruit vines. I've collected enough antique paving stones to cover the patio but they are stacked up in the ruin waiting for a free moment...The koi have outgrown the side ponds so they have taken over the plunge pool too, sorry..... The good news is there were no hurricanes this year so the fruit trees in the back garden should do well. There are bananas, avocados, anonnas, ciricote, and lot's of citrus trees. There are persian and key limes, valencia and sour oranges and lima yucateca. For the kitchen there's chaya, rosemary and bay. It's a shady and quiet place to string the hammack too.

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